About Brouwerij Troost

At Brouwerij Troost we want to create the finest craft beers for every type of person you know: from the enthusiastic beer-fanatic equipped with overqualified taste buds, to inveterate lager lovers, and everyone in between.

It all started back in 2011 when we, Jorrit Lootsma and brothers Hendrik and Frits de Jong, started our own café in Amsterdam West. After three years of flipping burgers and serving a dime a dozen kinds of beers, we decided to take matters into our own hands by building our very own brewery and indoor brewpub in the lively Amsterdam neighbourhood ‘De Pijp’. However, as with all bright ideas followed by major projects, this too proved to be quite difficult. Hendrik mustered his most trusted bartender Peter-Derk Muffels, and together they ventured into the world of brewing craft beers. Working around the clock, Hendrik and Peter-Derk soon succeeded in creating quite a few well-finished beers, and after tasting them, we fell in love and decided this was the way to go. We went all-in at the bank, and appointed Peter-Derk as master brewer and co-owner. Brouwerij Troost was born and with it the capability to brew 100.000 litres of craft beer every year.

During the first few months our flagship beers were Pilsner, I.P.A. and Weizen. We soon started brewing other beers such as Amber Ale, Tripel, Smoked Porter, Session, Barleywine, Saison, Bock, Cerveza E.O. and Honingblond. For the non-drinkers, we made a special Malt beer and even two kinds of lemonade: Gingerbeer and Hop Lemonade. For those who like their drink with a little more punch, we have Brouwerij Troost Gin and even Brouwerij Troost Young and Old Genever, distilled from our very own beer! Have a look at our beers >

You can imagine that our craft beer flowed in such quantities that we were no longer able to quench everybody’s thirst. We needed more space and of course, more beer. That’s why we decided to sell our first café and open an even bigger location in the Amsterdam Westerpark, where we are able to brew 700.000 litres a year. Thanks to this, Brouwerij Troost is the largest independent brewery in Amsterdam.Since our two brewpubs where constantly purging out, we build a third brewpub in Oud West in 2018.  

With our venture in Westerpark running up to speed, we can use Brouwerij Troost in De Pijp for experimenting with new flavours in the wonderful world of beer. We constantly try to devise new recipes and improve our existing ones. You can taste (almost) all of our beers on bottle and tap, have dinner or get a tour through our brewery in West.

And last of all, we all know that drinking craft beers on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. That’s why our kitchen is open till 10:30pm, dishing up the best hamburgers, salads, steaks, bitterballen, flammkuchen, nacho’s, cheesecakes, and other treats you so desire next to your drink.