About Brouwerij Troost

At Brouwerij Troost we want to create the finest craft beers for every type of person you know: from the enthusiastic beer-fanatic equipped with overqualified taste buds, to inveterate lager lovers, and everyone in between. With our venture in Westerpark running up to speed, we can use Brouwerij Troost in De Pijp for experimenting with new flavours in the wonderful world of beer and for barrel-aging. The large oak barrels keep the finest malt wines to mature, until they are ready to drink. We constantly try to devise new recipes and improve our existing ones

Same goes for the food we serve, because we all know that drinking craft beers on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. That’s why our kitchen is open till 10:30pm, dishing up the best hamburgers, salads, steaks, bitterballen, flammkuchen, nacho’s, cheesecakes, and other treats you so desire next to your drink. Take a look at the menu

Nowadays you can buy eleven kinds of craft beers, two kinds of lemonade, gin or even book a guided tour!

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We’re actually quite nice!

As a schooling company, we often work with people who experience some problems with integrating in the labour market. We use sustainable meat, green energy, drive on bio-gas and even recycle the steam from our cooling water. The spent grain is turned into bread, while all our other biological waste gets transformed into energy or is fed to our little goat-friends.


No deposit on the bottles?

That’s right! Cleaning the many bottles we use costs a hell of a lot of time, water and chemicals. That’s why our bottles can be thrown in the glass container before it’s shipped back to the factory where they recycle the glass into new bottles. In earlier times this system was somewhat impractical, but technological advances fine-tuned the process quite nice. These bottles are transported in recycled cardboard boxes which will be recycled once again after usage. It’s like one big ‘recycle-ception’ out here.

Our story!

Becoming a fan already? Read more about our story.


How do you make beer?

People drinking beers for centuries and nowadays, brewing has become a true art. Making beer is one thing, making good beer comprises more. At Brouwerij Troost, we often receive questions about the brewing process. Curious as well? Read more!

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