About Brouwerij Troost

In 2013 we brewed beer for the first time in our first brewery in the Amsterdam Pijp. We now make award-winning beers, soft drinks and from beer what is left over we distil gin and gin again. We make everything ourselves, as local as possible and completely organic because that is better for our beer and for the planet. Our breweries are located in the most beautiful places in the middle of Amsterdam. Not at all efficient of course, but all the more fun!

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People planet beers

At Troost we try to take the best possible care of people and the environment.

For example, we draw attention to biodiversity with our own bee colony in the garden of our brewpub in the Pijp, we separate and recycle all our waste, we reuse residual energy, we adjust our packaging to create less waste and we minimize our transport movements.

We have been producing all our beers completely organically since the end of 2019. As a result, we can be sure that our ingredients have been grown with an eye for flora and fauna by farmers who have the same approach as us.

Therefore cans.

Cans are lighter and more compact than disposable glass bottles. They require less energy to produce and the aluminum they are made of can be recycled indefinitely without any loss of quality.

Cans can also be stacked much more compactly and much lighter. As a result, not only we, but also our suppliers, save more than 40% on our transport movements and thus considerably on CO2 emissions.

Because they are light and airtight, cans are also much better for the beer and in addition, they get cold quickly in the refrigerator.

In short: cans are better for the environment and better for our beer!


At Troost we prefer to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

That is why we do not do lengthy transports, but we brew everything locally and, with our sustainable partner Rederij Kees, deliver our beers to local retailers and catering establishments in the city. Naturally, we do this emission-free and on biogas where possible.

In this way we not only limit our CO2 emissions, but also keep control over the freshness of our beer. For example, our beer always tastes like it comes straight from our brewing kettles and that is the best.

How do you make beer?

People drinking beers for centuries and nowadays, brewing has become a true art. Making beer is one thing, making good beer comprises more. At Brouwerij Troost, we often receive questions about the brewing process. Curious as well? Read more!

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