About Brouwerij Troost

We first brewed beer in 2013 in our first brewery in a former monastery on Cornelis Troostplein in Amsterdam’s Pijp district.

We now have three brewpubs, two of which have a brewery in the building. There we make award-winning organic beers and some delicious soft drinks. From leftover beer, we make gin and jenever. We make everything ourselves, and in the most beautiful places in the middle of Amsterdam.

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People Planet Pils


At Troost we are convinced that in everything we do, we should try to do as little harm as possible to people and the environment. So we separate and recycle all our waste, reuse residual energy, have adapted our packaging to create less waste and minimize our transport movements. We use reusable kegs and fully recyclable cans. Since the end of 2019, we have been producing entirely organically. This allows us to be sure that our ingredients have been grown with consideration for flora and fauna by farmers who have the same mindset as us.

Why we can

Cans are lighter and more compact than disposable glass bottles. They take less energy to produce, and the aluminium they are made of is infinitely recyclable without any loss of quality.

Cans are also much easier to stack, saving us, but also our suppliers, more than 40% in transport movements and thus also significantly reducing our CO₂ emissions. Because they are light- and airtight, cans are also much better for preserving the quality of the beer, and on top of that, cans get cold quickly in the fridge.

In short: cans are better for the environment and better for our beer!



Local and Fresh

At Troost we like to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. That is why we do not do long transports; we brew everything locally and deliver our beers to local retailers and bars and restaurants in the Amsterdam area with the help of our sustainable logistics partner. Of course, we do this emission-free or on biogas, if possible. This way, we not only limit our CO₂ emissions, but also keep control over the freshness of our beer. That’s why our beer always tastes as if it came straight from our brewery, and that’s what tastes best, we believe.


Guided Tours

Of course we like to show you how we make our beer. That is why you can take a tour of our brewery in the Westergasfabriek. Every Saturday we organise a full tour through our stainless steel jungle and afterwards you will of course take home a can of beer!

You do need to make a reservation for a tour. Check our prices and availability in advance at westergas@brouwerijtroost.nl. or make a reservation through this link!



In our brewery in the Pijp, there are oak barrels previously used for ageing American bourbons. We have filled them with barley wine or distillates from our own brewed beers, so that the drinks absorb the flavours and aromas of the wood and bourbon. It does take some time to get results; the drinks are left there to mature for at least six months! We develop our distillates together with distillery De Tweekoppige Phoenix on the Zaanse Schans. At the base is always malt wine from our own brewed beer, which creates rich and unique flavours. We are constantly experimenting so that our gin and jenever also continue to evolve in flavour.


Our Circular and Social mission

Of course we use green energy, but we go one step further: we recover the energy from our cooling water and use it to brew new beers. Our beers are delivered in trolleys that run on electricity or biogas. We offer workplaces to people with a distance to the labor market and we are a recognized training company. We also reuse as many residual products from our brewing process as possible. For example, we have partners who make all kinds of other products from it, such as granola or soap, and from what remains, energy is generated again. Where possible, we use packaging that is reusable. Think, for example, of stainless steel kegs that can be used time and time again. If that is not possible, we look for packaging that you can easilly recycle. That is why we have switched to cans instead of bottles. We want to get off the gass as soon as possible. So step by step we are going to replace our heaters with electric cushions. We will generate the steam from our brewing installation with green electricity.

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