A good beer deserves to be accompanied by good food and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Brouwerij Troost. Our kitchen is open until 22:30 and serves the finest burgers, salads,  Lebanese pizettes, nachos, cheesecakes and a whole lot more.

This our menu for food and drinks:

Click here for our food and drinks menu

At Oud West we serve a slightly different menu:

Click here to see the menu for Oud West


We serve a lunch menu every day at Westergas and in the weekend at De Pijp and Oud West!
Lunchmenu (westergas everyday from 11:00 and in the weekend at De Pijp and Oud West from 12:00!)

This our menu for larger groups:

Group menu Westergas + Pijp (from 12 persons)

Oud west group menu

Group menu Oud-West (from 10 persons)