Groups at Brouwerij Troost!

Eating and drinking at Brouwerij Troost is great with groups! In consultation, we can compile an appropriate menu for each group. All our branches have sufficient space for large groups and the possibility to reserve your own tap. The capacity varies per location, so please contact us to discuss your wishes with the form below!


Depending on the size of your group, we are happy to coordinate a menu that you can enjoy for everyone in your group. Dietary requirements are no problem at all and did you know that our entire menu is meat-free? Click on the links below for the current menu:

Wall tap:

Is it your birthday? Have you finally learned how to tie your shoelaces, swimming or bachelor’s degree?  Then celebrate your party at Brouwerij Troost with a personal wall tap, with which you can tap Troost Pilsner yourself! This costs € 14,50 per liter. The only condition is a minimum order of 10 liters (around 40 beers).

Training bag promotion:

Whether you wipe every opponent of the field or you always end up last, the most important moment of the sporting season is the team outing!

Gather your team and enjoy a nice dinner and drinks at Brouwerij Troost. As icing on the cake you and every member of your team will get our amazing Troost training bag as a gift. Then at least you know you’ll arrive at the next game in style.

Make a reservation using the form below on behalf of ‘trainingbagpromotion’ and before you know it you will be the shining star of your sports club.

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