Contract brewing?

Brewery Troost Westergas is a brewery, brewpub and shop in one. With a brewing capacity of 7,000 hl per year, this also means that we can then accommodate rental brewers.

If you have none or too few boilers of your own and are interested in contract brewing at Brouwerij Troost Westergas, mail to brouwerij@brouwerijtroost.nl. We are happy to talk to you to discuss the options.

From inquiry to delivery

It all starts with an introduction, we are curious about what you would like to produce, how much and when. We will of course send you the details and conditions and look ahead to our planning,

Recipe: Do you already have a recipe? Then we will ask you to fill in our intake form. Do you have a good idea but no recipe yet? We can also brew trial batches and help you with a recipe. This is done for a fee, but the recipe is then yours forever!

Quotation: The price of contract brews strongly depends on the recipe. Expensive ingredients such as exotic hops and hard-to-find malt play a major role. That is why we always give you a quote based on your exact recipe.

Planning and down payment: Once the quotation has been approved, we will schedule your brew and ask for a down payment. We do everything we can to brew on schedule and will keep you informed of the exact date.

Brewing and filling: We brew your beer according to the agreed recipe. We like it if you are there yourself, but it is not mandatory. (Due to Covid-19 it is temporarily not always possible to be physically present during brewing). This is also the moment when we would like to know that your labels have been ordered and how much beer you want to fill in kegs, cans or bottles.

Delivery: We will notify you when the beer is almost ready, usually 4 weeks after the brewing day. We will schedule a transport in consultation and the beer will then appear at your chosen location! Enjoy!

What is possible at Brouwerij Troost


Our brew kettles have a volume of 4000L. In busy months we prefer to use our full capacity, but sometimes it is also possible to brew 2000L in consultation.

Kegs in all shapes

Brouwerij Troost has developed a custom filling rack especially for filling keykegs. KeyKeg has a number of revolutionary properties. In combination with the KeyKeg tap head, the keg can be connected to any tap installation, drinks have a longer shelf life after starting and the KeyKeg is durable and 100% recyclable. The keykeg is available in 20 and 30 liters.

We also use Dolium kegs of 20 and / or 30 liters and we can also handle other types and sizes. Do you prefer to use a steel keg? That is also possible in consultation! Ask us for the conditions!

Help from us.

We have contacts with various suppliers of, for example, pre-printed boxes and tins. We also help you to print your labels for the cans or bottles, we arrange that your beer ends up in the right place and we can also put you in touch with partners for possible pasteurization. We have gained a lot of experience in third party brewing over the years and there are very few areas that we don’t understand. We are happy to help you where we can.


Cans are the future, bottle still possible.

Cans are lighter and much more stackable with less space between the cans. We can now store more than 40% more beer on a pallet, which means savings in transport in terms of emissions. Cans can be completely recycled and this process is much more energy efficient than making recycled glass. In addition, your cans can easily be separated from residual waste, so that the chance that cans will be recycled is also much greater than with glass. Producing a new can is no better than a new bottle, but as soon as recycling starts, the vision moves forward in sustainability

Then another very important reason for canned beer: it’s better for the beer. No air or light can get to the beer and that ensures that the beer stays fresh for much longer. These benefits are becoming more and more known to the beer drinker. People who like craft beer often already know this and prefer tin to glass. Another windfall is that can has a much larger surface that can be labeled, because there is no neck as with a bottle that cannot be labeled. So you can tell more about your beer and you stand out more among all those brown bottles.

If you prefer to keep thinking in bottles, that is also possible. Our unique layout with two filling lines makes us extremely flexible. We fill the standard 33cl longneck and stick your design on it!