Contract brewing?

Brouwerij Troost Westergas is a brewery, brewpub and store in one. A brew capacity of 7000 HL a year means we have the opportunity for contract brewing, providing Amsterdam with even more flavors!
If you don’t have your own brewing kettles, or not enough, you can brew your favorite recipe at Brouwerij Troost Westergas! Send us an email at brouwerij@brouwerijtroost.nl. We’re always happy to discuss the possibilities and maybe even reserve some taps in the brewpub for your beer!
Let’s toast to a great collaboration!

Possibilities contract Brewing Brouwerij Troost

White label
Always dreamed of having your own beer in your cafe, restaurant or company? From now on you can white label in cooperation with Brouwerij Troost. That means you can choose one of the beer styles that Brouwerij Troost offers and we’ll help you with your own glasses, tap lenses and / or labels! So that your beer can be drunk/consumed in style!


Brouwerij Troost offers batches of 40 HL at Troost Westergas. Smaller batches are possible upon agreement.

Kegs Dolium and Keykeg

Brouwerij Troost has developed custom filling shelves especially for filling Keykegs. Keykeg has a number of revolutionary features. In combination with the Keykeg tap head, the casks can be linked to any tap installation! Drinks can be stored for a longer period of time and the Keykeg is 100% recyclable. The Keykeg is available in 20 and 30 liters. We also use Doliam casks of 20 and 30 liters. Do you prefer to use a different type of container? Possible upon agreement.


Pre-printed boxes

If you prefer to use personalized boxes, we would like to think along with you. The large order quantities are often a stumbling block. With the bundling of our applications, this threshold is not so high anymore.


Rental brewers for sale in bottle in our brewpubs

We try to keep space free in our fridges, so you can choose to sell your bottled beer in our brewpubs! That way even more people can enjoy your beer!

Cans also available

Cans are lighter and much more stackable with less space between the cans. We can now store more than 40% more beer on a pallet and that means savings in transport in terms of emissions. Cans can be completely recycled and this process is much more energy efficient than making recycled glass. In addition, your can easily separate from residual waste, which means that the chance that cans are recycled is much greater than with glass. Producing a new can is no better than a new bottle, but as soon as recycling starts, the cans look ahead in sustainability.
Then another very important reason for beer in cans: it is better for beer. No air or light can get to the beer and that ensures that the beer stays fresh for much longer. These benefits are becoming more and more known to the beer drinker. People who really like craft beer often already know this and prefer to look over glass. Another windfall is that cans have a much larger surface that can be burned, because there is no neck like a bottle that cannot be labeled. So you can tell more about your beer and you stand out more among all those brown bottles.