Brouwerij Troost Oost

Brouwerij Troost Oost is the third brewery and opened her doors in september 2017. In Brouwerij Troost Oost we have our own distillery! This place is all about barrel-aging beer and distilling spirits. The large oak barrels holt the finest malt wines to mature, until they are ready to drink. Some of the craft beers that you’ll find on draft, like Pilsner, Weizen and I.P.A. come from the fourteen tanks standing in the orangery. These tanks are weekly filled with our own tanker, coming from our brewery in the West. 

Brouwerij Troost produces craft beers, spirits and lemonades at three beautiful locations in the heart of Amsterdam. And best of all: every location has it’s own brewpub!


Brouwerij Troost is more than just a brewery with a tasting room. The kitchen of Brouwerij Troost Oost is open from 11am till 10:30pm. Until 4pm you can order sandwiches, flammkuchen, coffee and fresh juices. After 4pm our kitchen serves the food like you are used to: burgers, steaks, salades, nacho’s, cheesecakes and a whole lot more.

Oost – Food and Drinks (pdf)

Oost – Lunch (pdf)

Party? Book a private tap!

Is it your birthday? Do you want to celebrate happy times or a golden lining? Or maybe you finally learned to tie your shoelaces or cycle without stabilizers? Whatever the case, come celebrate with us at Brouwerij Troost and book your very own tap with Brouwerij Troost Pilsner! Contact us.

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Brouwerij Troost Oost also serves lunch!

Did you know that Brouwerij Troost Oost is already open at 11pm to serve good coffee, fresh juices, filling sandwiches and delicious flammkuchen. Looking for a anti-hangover lunch? Come in early and enjoy a juicy burger with some fries! Have a look at the lunch menu.

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No online availability anymore? Call us during opening hours for the last tables or just walk in! (We always keep some tables vacant.)

More than six or want to organise something else than dinner? Send us an email to:

Opening hours

Mon - Thu: 11:00h - 00:00/01:00h
Fri - Sat: 11:00h - 03:00h
Sun: 11:00h - 00:00h

Opening hours Holidays

Christmas Eve: 11:00h - 0:00h
First Christmas Day: closed
Second Christmas Day: closed
New Year's Eve: 11:00h - 23:00h
New Year's Day: 11:00h - 01:00h


Brouwerij Troost Oost
Land van Cocagneplein 1A
1093 NB Amsterdam
Call: +31 20 760 5821



For safety reasons you can only pay by card here.