Brouwerij Troost De Pijp

At Brouwerij Troost we brew craft beers on beautiful locations in the heart of Amsterdam. From an accessible Pilsner to a Barrel-Aged Barleywine and everything in between. In 2014 we built our first brewery in a former monastery in the Amsterdam neighbourhood ‘De Pijp’. The annual capacity was 100,000 liters, and that was all drunk on the spot. Since then, it went fast: we are brewing and bottling another 700,000 liters on the Westergasterrein, making us Amsterdam’s biggest independent brewery. You can now buy eleven kinds of beer, get a tour or even brew beer with us! Read more about our beers › or about us ›

Brouwerij Troost is more than just a brewery with a tasting room. You can also order the finest burgers, flammkuchen, cheesecakes and a whole lot more. Have a look at the food or drinks menu!

Brouwerij Troost de Pijp is the place where we experiment, develop new beers and brew the small edition beers. At Brouwerij Troost Westergas the bigger quantities of beers like Pilsner, Weizen, I.P.A. and Amber Ale are brewed. In the third location, yet to be build, it will all be about barrel-aging beer.

Party? Book a private tap!

If you’re having a party at Brouwerij Troost you can book your very own tap with Brouwerij Troost Lager! Booking a personal tap comes at no extra cost, however a minimum of 10 liters of beer will always be charged (this has to do with the flushing of the pipes). In most cases we will ask for a down payment. Contact us.

Want to marry in a brewery?

Brouwerij Troost De Pijp is a real wedding location! If you want to tie the knot while having a nice glass of beer next to your champagne, send us an email at

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Read more information about guided tours in our brewery at Westergas!

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Brouwerij Troost de Pijp
Cornelis Troostplein 21
1072 JJ Amsterdam
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